At the time of her debut, she was marketed as a reggae singer because of her Caribbean descent. She began recording songs that were inspired by caribbean music genres such as soca, dancehall, and reggae. She later departed into a broad range of musical genres such as dance-pop, hip hop, dubstep, rock, and house. The combination of dancehall and reggae genres on her debut album, Music of the Sun (2005), was complemented by Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times, who said, "Dancehall reggae sometimes seems like a furiously insular form of music, but ... Rihanna is only the latest singer to discover how versatile the genre's spring-loaded electronic rhythms can be". Her debut album featured production from Stargate and production duo Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers.

Now she is one of the greatest pop singer in the world and we have to make a tribute to Rihanna.

The Tribute and Cover Show of Rihanna by Beatrice Thomson is a new part in 2014  of the SOT Cover Show and it can bookt around Europe with band, dj or solo.